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PolyWorks Inspector

PolyWorks|InspectorPolyWorks|Inspector is a powerful industrial 3D metrology software solution that uses non-contact point cloud digitizers and single-point contact-based probing devices to acquire and control tool and part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products.


Get the alignment right.

Inspecting and analyzing a measured part is only possible if the digitized data is properly positioned and oriented in 3D. A measured part is typically aligned to its nominal CAD model to enable the extraction and comparison of nominal and measured dimensions. It can also be assembled virtually to the surrounding mating parts in order to check for interference issues or to analyze flush and gap deviations.


Extract all required demensions

Extracting dimensions on measured parts and computing deviations to their corresponding nominal dimensions is at the core of the PolyWorks|Inspector workflow. Thanks to the remarkable flexibility of PolyWorks, dimensions can be extracted from measured point clouds, polygonal models built from point clouds, or probed points. Nominal dimensions can also be extracted from a CAD model or a reference measured part.


Generate updateable reports

PolyWorks|Inspector provides an outstanding updateable reporting technology that guarantees the exactness of a report and dramatically accelerates multipiece inspection.

Report items, such as 3D scene screenshots and result tables, are automatically updated if a project is altered. You can modify the parameters of a project, or replace the measured data points of the current piece by the data points from a new piece, with the assurance that the entire inspection report will automatically be updated.

Share inspection results

The PolyWorks|Viewer enables your colleagues, managers, and suppliers to review your inspection projects in 3D.

Multiple Piece Inspection

Simplify the inspection of multiple pieces

Preparing an inspection project for a multipiece inspection task has never been this easy. With DirectReplay™, it literally does the work for you.

  1. Create an inspection project and a report for a first piece.
  2. Let DirectReplay automatically replay the same inspection on subsequent pieces.
  3. Focus on acquiring the 3D measurement data of the new pieces with your point cloud digitizer, single-point measurement device, or both.

Monitor your process with statistical process control (SPC)

Thanks to its multipiece project format, PolyWorks|Inspector is capable of automatically computing and updating an SPC database of multipiece statistics for object dimensions and surface deviations. SPC databases and related analysis tools, such as trend charts and statistical color maps, are very powerful tools to diagnose manufacturing or assembly issues, or to approve a tool or a part prior to production.