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3D Scanning, Inspection, Rapid Modeling, and more, utilizing the latest laser scanning technology.

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3D Scanning Technology is a major factor in reducing cost and improving time to market.

Services from 3D Scan IT have been in demand because we are able to create efficiencies. "Since our services save our customers money, we're often perceived as the heroes when we go on a job", says Bob Squier, President of 3D Scan IT, Inc. Our 3D Scanning Services can be used in all steps of the manufacturing process, from design, development, tooling, fixturing and inspection.

Our skilled, trained specialists can create efficient solutions for your needs.  If you need inspection, reporting, reverse engineering, or other Metrology needs, we can create a solution for you. We can also provide rental of equipment if necessary.

No matter what the job is, 3D Scan IT can do it.

Unlock the full potential of 3D technology with 3D Scan IT!  Our cutting-edge 3D scanning services cater to a diverse range of applications across numerous industries making us the ideal solution for for whatever project you have. 

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"3D Scan It is our go-to 3D scanning company for any situation in which we need a high quality scan within a short turnaround time. As I am (proudly) confined to the aerospace industry, this company's experience level goes across every industry and it shows in their work. That, coupled with their eagerness to give me exactly what I want, has allowed my engineering team to get through the toughest quality checks and reverse engineering problems. The customer service before and after each job is top notch, and especially helpful when the timing is tight. I recommend 3D Scan It to all my clients and suppliers."

Conor Peleman

Engineering Manager
LOC Industries, Inc.