Eric Whinnem 
Boeing - Phantom Works

"Our Boeing Phantom Works group received our PolyWorks Certified Training from 3D Scan It. Our trainer Bob Squier, did an outstanding job of ensuring everyone received the right level of personal attention and encouragement so that at the end of the course, we were all able to confidently perform data processing and analysis using the software. The high quality of training received in the structured training course, plus the follow up support, made this one of the best values in training we have received. I highly recommend them."

Jim Age 
Laser Die and Engineering 

"In this ever changing world of global competitiveness, one must not only "keep up" but literally if we want to excel, we must stay ahead of our competition. Sometimes when you are constantly striving to stay on top and let the rest of the world know that you are in fact there, you need to step back and ask yourselves, "What can we do as a company to better ourselves for our customer?" When we here at Laser Die and Engineering saw a need for improvements in our Laser Scanning capabilities, we wasted no time in contracting 3D Scan It, Inc. With the training and support we received we are able to better fulfill the needs of our current and future customers. We would highly recommend 3D Scan IT to fulfill your PolyWorks Training needs."

JAC Products, Inc.  

"3D Scan it “over the shoulder training” is top-notch! Bob’s way of explaining PolyWorks inspection flow Concepts and scanning arm best practices was very impressive. After the training I went from Zero to a hero in my company!"


Josh Webb | Senior Program Manager
American Expedition Vehicles

"3D Scan IT delivers an exceptional 3D scanning service. Their team's professionalism and attentive customer support made the entire experience smooth. The 3D models produced have been impressively accurate and detailed, thanks to their technology. With a quick turnaround time and competitive pricing, I highly recommend 3D Scan IT for anyone seeking a high-quality 3D scanning service."