Case Studies

3D Scan IT & InnovMetric help Eifel Inc. halve injection-mold delivery times and maintain margins

Before scanning and point-cloud-based inspection, moldmakers had to make do with point-by-point methods developed for manufacturers. Those were never adequate for tooling and molded parts because they left more than 99% of a surface uninspected. Using the latest laser scanning equipment and PolyWorks software, Eifel, a Michigan-based moldmaker, can now globally inspect plastic molds for airbag manufacturer Autoliv at three critical stages: aluminum prototype tools, mold tryouts, and production-ready.

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Polyworks Case Studies

ShapeGrabber and PolyWorks®
Molder MPC Make Timely Auto Parts Production Decisions.
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Mystery Solved
NRC scientists help solve the mysteries behind the Mona Lisa.
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The Need For Speed
Making A Flying Legend Fit For The 21st Century.
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Car Door Assemblies
Solving leakage problems.
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Geometric Inspection
Geometric Inspection of Small Components with CT-scanners.
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Reducing Analysis Time
Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, and Renault Turn to PolyWorks® to Reduce the Time for CFD Analysis by up to 83%.
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Always on the way up
MTU Aero Engines turns to PolyWorks/Inspector™ for optimizing its inspection processes.
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Replication of a CMM-based inspection
InnovMetric Software replicate a CMM-based inspection process using a 3D digitizer and PolyWorks.
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