Software & Systems Integration
Software & Systems Integration


Improve process control and production time by automating inspection and data acquisitions. "Process Integration" will reduce inspection time while increasing quality control. Ask how we can implement a 100% customized, automated solution.

Let 3D Scan IT work with your organization to develop a PolyWorks® process that meets your extreme needs. We'll work with your engineers to create custom interfaces, Single button solution, as well as integrating to specialty hardware and databases.

Learn IT

Learn and implement solutions that help individuals and organizations achieve results through increased productivity and efficiency. This real-world training delivers out of this world results. Get the knowledge your organization needs to improve efficiency which reduce costs.

3D Scan IT has trainers with unrivaled expertise in delivering effective training to students in the classroom or at your facility. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive, blended learning curriculum.

Whether you have a large group to train at one location, or smaller numbers of staff spread throughout the country, 3D Scan IT can prepare a custom training program that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Report IT

PolyWorks | Inspector™ includes the most complete GD&T analysis capabilities on the market, as well as the widest array of soft gauging tools such as linear, radius, flush and gap, thickness, etc. to create dynamic and visual inspection reports.

PolyWorks | Viewer™ offers unparalleled reporting simplicity. PolyWorks | Viewer™ lets you distribute the actual 3D inspection project throughout your organization, and allows for easy visualization of measurement results with a true 3D viewer. This 3D Viewer allows users to easily navigate though inspection results and obtain basic interactive measurement including distances, radii, and cross-sections.