Training Courses

PolyWorks Training

Learn everything that the leading-edge Polyworks technology has to offer including the latest in dimensional control, point cloud engineering, statistical process control, reverse engineering, polygonal manufacturing, finite element meshing, airfoil gauging, and fixture and jig building.

Basic PolyWorks Training

Introduction to PolyWorks Workspace Manager and all PolyWorks Modules including IMAlign, Polygonal Model Creation, IMEdit – Polygonal Model Editing Techniques, IMInspect functionally and reporting.

Advanced PolyWorks Training

Design your own custom PolyWorks Training Course to help you achieve the success your business demands. This course will improve your total PolyWorks Process by specifically addressing your project and business needs.

Macro Creation

Improve process control and efficiency by learning the PolyWorks Macro Language. This course will take you through the design and creation of macros in the PolyWorks Command Center.

Macro Integration

Learn to use the custom macros to achieve your desired results. This course is designed to teach users the procedures to predefined / custom macros.

PolyWorks Process Implementation

This course is designed to integrate PolyWorks into your current business processes by defining the best practices for your needs. Additionally, it will identifying overlapping software functionality and help to reduce duplicating software and support contracts.